Since 1994, we at Sci-Consulting Sàrl have been providing hardware and software solutions for a great variety of challenging projects for companies and universities worldwide. We possess expertise for the whole chain of measurement and control systems: from sensors & actuators choice through PCB design for signal conditioning and filtering all the way to LabVIEW programming to interface with the end user. In summary, we provide complete hardware and software solutions for even the toughest technical measurement and control problems.

As a member of the National Instruments Alliance Partner Network since 1994, we have been programming software solutions in National Instruments LabVIEW for our clients with great success, as can be seen on our References page. Furthermore, we have expertise and knowhow for realtime systems using LabVIEW RT and LabVIEW FPGA systems, allowing us to successfully deal with high throughput data acquisition, fast control problems and embedded systems.

The company is based in St-Sulpice, near Lausanne in Switzerland and has six scientists and engineers from different but overlapping fields, resulting in a team with a wide range of skills and knowhow for measurement and automation.

Vincent Berseth, CEO of Sci-Consulting, has worked for several years for the industry at Asulab, the Research & Development laboratory of the Swatch Group. There he has participated in many projects, involving tasks like machine design for innovative production processes, conception of electronic watch modules, and embedded software design and testing. He has started using LabVIEW during his PhD work at EPFL in 1995 and is a Certified LabVIEW Developer.

Pierre-Alain Probst has been doing fundamental research in low temperature physics at Lausanne and Bristol UK. He was working with LabVIEW since 1988 and is a Certified LabVIEW Developer. He has been an official LabVIEW trainer since 1995. He has taught LabVIEW Basics I & II, Advanced, DAQ and Signal Processing at CERN, at the EPFL and at various companies.